Marta Hill Gray

Marta Hill Gray

Chief Strategist/Group Director

“First 25” refers to my rich and relationship-forward career before founding Gray Matter Group. I spent 25+ years making my mark in strategic planning, international media relations and publishing, and global, corporate partnership and sponsorship building. I’m also an on-air talent and SAG member.

I hear this a lot.

“I didn’t know you could do that”

As an outlier, I see things from the sidelines that clients, agencies, non-profits, and other service providers don’t. My process is to manifest an idea, program, product or new division for my client, and then bring in a full-service agency to build PR around the final execution. 

What sets me apart from my fellow strategic wizards is the benefit of years I’ve spent cultivating relationships and monetizing connections. Pioneers, founders and agency leaders lean on Gray Matter Group for turnaround successes made possible by my core team and broad network of rapid responders.

The Group

The Group in Gray Matter Group is a collection of seasoned, talented and skilled individuals whose expertise covers a variety of areas. Each group member is an independent businessperson who is called in based on their expertise, providing a tailored approach to our client’s programs and campaigns.

  • Healthcare

  • Medical

  • Wellness/Aging

  • Non Profit

  • Media

  • Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Advocacy

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Government