What We Do

Gray Matter Group is the connection and idea generating machine that came to mind when a female founder needed to generate sponsors for her professional women’s leadership initiative.

GMG got the call when a development professional in the healthy aging industry was tasked with the creation of a thought leadership model for a mission-driven wellness program.

Like many clients immersed in the day-to-day march of business operations, a medical doctor who specializes in sexual health for women over 40, asked for guidance to see and paint the big picture. Together they created the road map to restructure and scale her business and put her (and her products) in front of 10,000 women at a trade show. Their collaboration radically changed a dedicated thought leader’s ability to offer information and hope overnight.

As a business matchmaker with keen relationship radar, Marta made two introductions between a client and colleague that led to a $100 million pharmaceutical company sale. She connected another client, a teen girl book author, to a second colleague that resulted in multiple TV + radio interviews, and prestigious book awards.

By paying Gray Matter Group, you save time (money). Gray Matter Group puts players in place to fast track your business. She taps her own investment of time and money travelling the world to meet and talk to people where key information is shared freely. Marta’s social intelligence, likability, and genuine commitment to health issues, gives her special access to unique business needs, and the ability to propose insightful action plans for organizations seeking effective change. Marta is a sought after speaker on the state of women’s health and gender equity. She also serves as a spokesperson for various products and brands leveraging her on camera experience as a commercial actress and on-air host.

Pioneers, founders and agency leaders lean on Gray Matter Group for turnaround successes made possible by a tight team and broad network of rapid responders. If you have a program to launch, an idea to incubate, or the interest in learning the value of a Gray Matter Group curated connection, link for contact Marta.  

Quite simply she is the best. There has been no one I have ever met that is more gifted with people. This enables her to build teams that will do anything for her and allows her to make closing business look absolutely effortless. Thank you Marta for being such a positive influence on both my career and life!
— Larry Genkin